Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

Hello! The pollen has began! It's not yet in full force the city has not turned neon green yuk!! This a self portrait of me & Lou. (that is the best I could do with a wiggly doggy) The next one is a Picture of Lucy lou and Dobby our neighborhood stray & temporary resident.
I am waiting and praying for an opening for him at the Doggy Sanctuary where he will go prior to being adopted. So please keep us in your prayers so that Dobby will find a home of his own.
We love him and will miss miss him, but want him to have a happy life.
Lucy will really miss him cleaning her ears when they are hurting. They are such good buddies. I will miss him to especially, when I have not locked all the doors... I know with Dobby is NO WAY anyone will attempt to enter; with him and Lucy both barking like crazed banshees! They sound very scary & then add Dobby throwing himself against the door like a battering ram! I feel very safe. (I only did that once!) No one can come near the house with out my doggy alarm going off!
Of course that has always been the case with Lucy, except she is much less threatening when I open the door and she jumps up licking folks and then drops down to the ground for a belly rub! Yeah, that kind of kills the scare factor!
love to all
xoxo jennie

Monday, January 10, 2011

Let it snow let it snow Let it ... uhh ok .. yeah I'm done

The front of the house... the only time I ventured out today . . . well except to let the dog's in out the back door. :) Boy am I glad to have my car in the garage!

(View from my front door, looking up the street)
Dobby checking out the snow, he picked up the frozen water bowl and flipped it over to get the ice out to eat! Lucy was less excited about the snow and would venture way out into the yard to take care of business and run back to the house and bang on the door to be let back inside.

Well, in Georgia when the weather man say's "snow" the city shuts down... the store's run out of bread, milk, eggs, you know all the basic's! Well unfortinuatley I was already out of bread & milk... So I had to go out in the "pre-snow" madness! ugh. and yes I felt very foolish, because it was a cold but very clear Sunday. Sunday night after I had resigned myself to the bitter dissappointment of having to go to work in the morning. I had let the dog's out for one last time and when I let them in low and behold they were covered with snow!!! I was over joyed and went to bed without turning on the alarm clock!! While I was sleeping I hear slush falling from the sky. When I got up at 8:00 I turned on the news, no business closeures listed :( So I called my boss to confirm my hopes... nope it had not been announced closed yet :( grrrr... since I did not have to be in until 9 I kept checking the news. and finally work e-mail!! YEPPIE!! they "powers that be" came to their senses and closed all state offices !! and tonight my boss texted me saying NO Work tomorrow!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

What?? A white Christmas in Georgia??

I can hardly believe that we got a white Christmas in Georgia, that is unheard of... They said on the new's that Georgia has not had snow on Christmas day in 128 YEARS!! it sure was kinda fun! I guess growing up in Minnesota has made me love a snow at Christmas, I have lived in Ga for 15 yrs now and for the first 7 I would fly "home" to MN and I can remember a time or two when they did not have snow on Christmas and I would be very upset, but it never failed to snow before I flew back to GA!! I would be very excited. Of Course the folks I left in MN were always less excited, since they were stuck with the snow for another several months!! Livine in Ga it's a sure fire bet that the snow will not last long... The pre-snow panic in the south lasts longer than the bad weather! Dobby

liked it he was outside dancing on his hind legs trying to eat the snow as it fell from the sky! it was so cute ! I wish I could have caught it on camera!! Lucy was less enthuastic about it. She is not as furry as him.
Happy holidays Love, Jennie, Dobby & Lucy

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Patch o' Tree's

Happy Holiday's!

The wild pastel tree's (if you can call them pastel) are my rendidtion of the red & green which is my Mom's creation; she is a Master Quilter, & has had her pattern's published several times! Mom create's lot's of beautiful quilts & we consider ourselves extremly lucky if we are given one.
Happy Holiday's in what ever color pallet you choose!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Miss Kitty

I have a cat named Xena... she is old and frequently crabby... consequently I frequently refer to her as bitchera.  This year she has been sickly; she has been having seizures varying from mild twitching to serious flailing and loss of bladder control.  (Which makes her really MAD!!)  I  have taken her to the vet and she has been given shots so that the severity of the seizures has been minimized.  This past several weeks she has been extra anti-social, I am sure in part due to the new doggy at my home that wants to play with her. she is not a fan!  T

This week when I was getting ready for work she actually wanted me to hold her!!  I have not gotten to hold her since I brought her home from the vet several weeks ago.  She put her little front feet up on the front of my robe.  ohh soo sweet.  I have still been able to pet her as usual upon her request only;  she usually jumps up onto the bed to snuggle early in the morning and if she does not get the attention she desired I bet popped on the nose!  grrr... but a snugly kitty is always a much better awakening than the dreaded alarm clock!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

ThanksGiving Blues

Well, here we are again, almost the end of another year.  I love Thanksgiving it is a time to reflect on all the changes, not just in the weather, but in our lives.  I remember those Cold Thanksgiving day's in Minnesota, wishing for snow so that it would warm up, and the year's with out snow, and wondering if was going to snow before Christmas.  Most of all I remember the whole family piling into the car and driving to Grandma Lou's and Grandpa Jim's. 
We always had to make a BIG fuss, so that Grandma could hear us at the front door, she was in the back of the house in the Kitchen cooking and puttering she always had the Macy's Day Parade on.  (I try to find it every year so that I can listen to it and be taken back in time.)  The year I remember best was when Grandpa Jim cooked the turkey OUTSIDE on the grill.  That was great fun, we got to run in and out the sliding glass door (which was usually a no, no in the winter) under the guise of getting something for Grandpa!!!  This was the Winspear Family, Mom's side, and there were Tons of Boys!  So you know that football was on all day and that it was loud and bustling!!
Between eating, sledding, and ice skating at the park we had a blast.  The Turkey grandpa Jim cooked on the grill was wonderful! and Grandma had all the fixing's and Mom always made the pies!  We would eat until we were ready to pop! play outside and come in and eat some more. 
Even thou we lived the furthest away we were always the last to go. The for the ride home we always had some fussing and elbowing in the car before finally settling down and falling asleep in the warm car.   
Ahh  the comfort of sleeping in a warm cozy car, how nice that was until we got home, to the rude awakening of the car door opening and letting all the COLD air in, and then we had to  tromp down the snow filled driveway in the dark... I hope somebody left a light on. 
Now years later I live in Georgia, there is rarely snow... and NEVER on Thanksgiving!  This year the weather was in the mid 60's.   I have no family near by, to share the holiday with, so I usually spend it with friends, but I have my family in my heart!  So they are never far away.   I  buy a cooked Turkey and make all the family traditional foods that make the holiday home where ever I may be, and remember all the warm and crazy Thanksgiving day's gone by.  One day I hope that the entire family will be able to get together again for the holiday at my parent's home.  They are the Grandparents now, and there will be tons of girls this time and still and the ruckus of family gathering's with too may people in the kitchen trying to get a snitch of turkey early.  I love you family of mine and I hope that you are all warm, healthy and Full!!
 xoxo j