Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

Hello! The pollen has began! It's not yet in full force the city has not turned neon green yuk!! This a self portrait of me & Lou. (that is the best I could do with a wiggly doggy) The next one is a Picture of Lucy lou and Dobby our neighborhood stray & temporary resident.
I am waiting and praying for an opening for him at the Doggy Sanctuary where he will go prior to being adopted. So please keep us in your prayers so that Dobby will find a home of his own.
We love him and will miss miss him, but want him to have a happy life.
Lucy will really miss him cleaning her ears when they are hurting. They are such good buddies. I will miss him to especially, when I have not locked all the doors... I know with Dobby is NO WAY anyone will attempt to enter; with him and Lucy both barking like crazed banshees! They sound very scary & then add Dobby throwing himself against the door like a battering ram! I feel very safe. (I only did that once!) No one can come near the house with out my doggy alarm going off!
Of course that has always been the case with Lucy, except she is much less threatening when I open the door and she jumps up licking folks and then drops down to the ground for a belly rub! Yeah, that kind of kills the scare factor!
love to all
xoxo jennie


  1. Cute post. I was wondering if you were still alive! I didn't know you were planning on getting rid of Dobby. It sounds like he has been a nice puppy to have around.

  2. I can see why you are happy to have a good guard dog. Hope you can find a place for him. Lucy will find another friend. Love you!